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2021 Projects

The Still Bird
Final High School Project.
Writer & Director

Last Minutes
Write and Direct a film with a twist ending.
Writer, Director & Editor


Write and Direct a film based off of a particular color.

Co-Writer, Director & Editor

2020 Micro Movies
Writer, Director & Editor

Write and Direct a film that
is autobiographical.
Accepted into the 2020 Museum of the Moving Image Film Festival
Accepted into the 2021 NYC Public School Film Festival 


Write and Direct a film around

an inanimate object.

Accepted into the 2020 Museum of the Moving Image Film Festival 

Burning Questions

Write and Direct a film using

the drama genre.

Accepted into the 2020 All American High School Film Festival in the "Drama" category

School Supported Films, 2019-2020


Independent project (2020)

Write and Direct a stand-alone scene that is a single take.

Writer & Director

Astral Man

Honors Production (2019-2020)

Music Video using preexisting song.

Co-Writer, Co-Director & Production Hand


10 Day Film Challenge (2020)

Follow the official prompt and blindly pick a genre out of the 10 day genre list.

Picked: (Dystopian/Utopian)

Co-Writer, Co-Director & Production Hand

Nominated for "Best use of genre" for the official 10 Day Film Challenge selection

Co-writer, Director & Editor.

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